Sherita Meyer-Gauen

My story has unfolded in three phases. I call the first one, “The Nudge” and it starts like this. I have always exercised especially when my OB/Gyn asked what I was doing for cardio-fitness when I was 28-years old. The answer was “nothing”, which made me think about what my great-aunt told me before she succumbed to ovarian cancer. She said. “Your health is all that you have, so take care of yourself.”  I needed hear this to become aware that I would not have the same level of health if I didn’t do something now. I was now in phase II of which I called the “The Shoulder Tap”. During this phase, I signed up at my local YMCA and began classes. I started with yoga, next pilates and dabbled in a spin class or two which have led me into a consistent regimen. As a result of trying new modes of fitness, I finally found the courage to learn how to swim at age 32 through YMCA classes. After learning to swim, I fell in love with snorkeling! I felt as if a whole new world opened up for me.

Phase III begins at age 49, I call this phase, “The Push”. I gave birth to our first and only child which has been pure joy from pregnancy onward, but I noticed my body was physically weaker around six months post –partum. I developed sciatica which made difficult it for me to drive, exercise and care for my family. I begin to worry as I never felt such pain, not even during my pregnancy or birth. I begin physical therapy which alleviated some of the pain but realized that I needed to “Push” my workout regimen further to get stronger and back to health. I had no excuse, especially with my little one and husband depending on me.  I thought about weight training and then in walks Ms. Greta! You see I was fortunate enough to see Ms. Greta’s interview about her story and fitness goals on our local station. I was looking for a way to improve my workout regimen in order become stronger for my family (mentally and physically), rid myself of sciatica pain and tone myself after pregnancy guess what , she had the solution!

 I am so thankful to God for all the phases which have made me stronger and brought positive motivation into my life. These phases encouraged me to step outside of my comfy place and introduced me to wonderful people, such as Ms. Greta and all of you which help me support my positive momentum. I want to give this encouragement back to keep the positivity going! We can do this! Stay encouraged and know that I am cheering for you all to meet your fitness and life goals. Thanks for hearing my story. Let see what the next phase brings for us all!

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I’ve lost over 100 lbs and have kept the weight off for 6  yrs. No surgery, No pills, No dieting. I’m 63 yrs old, I go to the gym 6 days a week. I’m not on ANY MEDICATION at all, and I eat healthy. I have discovered what it takes  to get the weight off and keep it off, which is the biggest problem most ppl have, keeping it off.

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